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14 July

The genuine reason that a lot of women need to spend a lot time getting ready


Every company looks for various opportunities to track and monitor employee productivity. It is a big concern for employers when the employee time sheet and their productivity sheet remain unaligned. There are several organizations which have a percentage of their high level employees to simply monitor the team to know how the team is delivering and what is the exact capacity of the team. This sort of role typically need a huge manual effort and still becomes impossible feat as not employee deliverables are tangible. The time spent by an employee in desk could be assessed by the manager but what the employee actually is doing on his desktop is something private and cannot be monitored physically at all times.

However unethical it might seem to monitor an employee activity, it is a part of every organization’s duty to gauge employee productivity and performance. Apart from using it for the employee’s appraisal, this factor also is a major variable accounted for the company’s performance as a whole, as the contribution of every employee makes a difference be it small or large. The performance and profit gained by the company are dependent on employee satisfaction as well. To keep them satisfied, employers need to evaluate their performance based on certain variables.

Why should companies opt for Employee monitoring?

Although there are quite many reasons an organizes chooses to go for employee monitoring, the fundamental reason is to track the employee productivity. Now no company wants too many employees at a place where there is not enough work. Also it is important that employers track the effort each and every employee in a company puts for the company. Only tracking the efforts will enable appraising the employee correctly which will lead to any sort of appreciation keylogger mac. Employee satisfaction is the prime factor which makes a company better. When there is contempt in employees, they start loving their company along with their job which turns beneficial to the company.
These are the prime reasons why a company should go for employee monitoring –


  • It enables to continuously monitor employee productivity
  • The logs and charts created help in formulating a better employee management schedule than that is possible.  This scatters the employees in slots where actual manual effort is needed.

  • Employee monitoring helps in identifying where and what is going wrong. This program allows the employer to actually see the employee contribution which might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • It leads to diligence among employees as they now know they are being monitored and their effort is accounted. They voluntarily try and put effort wherever needed.

  • Employees who work really hard and smart get the exposure they deserve.

  • This tool helps in maintaining the task organized and improves employee efficiency. It boosts the morale of the employee in turn improving the overall productivity. Employees learn to utilize their time well. The various graphs and charts could actually be used to infer where the employee could concentrate more for better output. It takes off some amount of pressure from peer groups as they no longer have to manually come with employee management and their effort chart at every requirement meeting.

What difference does the application make?

  • Employer could track every single responsibility of all the employees. This keeps them well informed on the abilities of an employee. A live preview of the employee’s desktop is achievable if needed. Also at any point of time, the employer could remotely access the employees desktop to view the work progress. It is not a mandate to now visit every employee for their work status.
  • If the employers think the social networking and other entertainment sites are taking too much of their employee’s time, they could choose to block those site and applications completely. They could also partially block it and keep the accessible for a certain amount of time very day. A record of search queries explored and a log of internet history on various websites could be maintained. This could be used for tracking employee’s activities and gauge the performance. The timings an employee slogs, logs on , logs out and the idle time could all be taken into account to formulate how many hours the employee has put an effort for a deliverable.

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